Friday, June 27, 2008

While the cat's away.............

as the saying goes the mice will play!
No not this cat........

This one....

(Photo from when we were in Mt Gambier earlier in the year, the beautiful Blue Lake).

Earlier in the week TWOEMOTM was away for a night or two and somehow the kitchen turned into another workspace! SSShhhhh....don't tell it was all back in the workroom when he got back, he already says I take up all of the house with my

What are these sitting on the ironing board?

Lissa's tumblers! Yes we (gluttons for punishment) decided to follow Kathie's Inspired by Antique Quilts lead and go through all of our 1800's reproductions and cut out two tumbler blocks, one each and swap. I had emailed Kathie as she did a swap with her friends which gave me the idea and she said go for it so Lissa has already sent me the first 30 odd. I started cutting some of mine but as quite a few are in different bags earmarked for different projects it became quite difficult to stop as I wouldn't be sure what I had done. So the easiest thing- do them all at once! No they aren't all cut yet and the ones that aren't are now piled up on my cutting board back in the workroom waiting.
Also on the cutting board are these.....
The first delivery of my 1800's repro's for the scquilters (southern cross quilters online) swap. All cut up into 1/8ths and ready to go...when the next lot get here.
Above they are with the half yards I didn't want to cut up as that didn't leave me with as much as I wanted...the problem between imperial and metric! I have been wanting that Old sturbridge village green forever, I had some of the other colours but not the green.

Last but not least. On Wednesday night sit and sew at Pentland Patchwork in Bacchus Marsh I love to go scouring the shelves for repros....Denise has so much fabric all over the place that's it like going on a treasure hunt! I thought I had found all the repros but's some more I found although the blue second left is an old favourite, Deja Blues range and so is the turquoise blue which is Dargate Divinity (1830's) but I didn't know it had it's pink sister until the other night. Denise says the range was from 5 or 6 years ago? I found a heap more but can't get them all at once even though I am only buying 15cm pieces. Had to leave some for next time!
And below this is what I am doing instead of just sitting here waiting for photos to upload...the binding on Coco's quilt so she can have it tomorrow for her birthday!!!



Gina said...

What beautiful fabrics.

I'm the same when hubby is away. Al my sewing stuff comes down on the dining table and gemma and I then live oss takeaway. It's all back upstairs by the time he comes home though. What he doesn't know he can't moan about.

love and hugs xxx

Kathie said...

good for you!
you will be so happy with this quilt when your done.
yes swapping with others makes the variety so nice in the quilt and the quilt special.
will be watching your progress!
YOU have found some wonderful oldies there!!!!!

Lissa Jane said...

you have been very industrious!
I had some of that green you been chasing and so has the local quilt shop I am sure of it! its an oldie but a goodie!
must get busy cutting some more once this 'fog' of a head cold has gone..


Jane said...

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