Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lots done!

Today I have been good. I haven't actually finished anything but I did make a start on one or two projects I have had sitting there ready to go.
I have done lots of cutting and preparing so now I can just sew!

Here is Mrs Perkins she is cut out and in her bag ready to sew together. I hope to finish her for Cocos birthday on Saturday. She is actually brown with daisies....for Coco Daisy!!
I also have Phoebe cut out she may even get her as well if she's finished.

Next is Chloe's Quilt all cut out and ready to sew I love the bright freshness of the Prints Charming fabric and it is very soft.

I have also cut the sashing for my Funky Scrap Quilt mainly Amy Butler fabrics so that's pinned and just ready to sew. I have a feeling this one might get put on the backburner again though as it has all those strips for the border!


Annie said...

I wish I had come back to the shop later that day. I was thinking of it, as I was busy sewing and needed just a few more supplies. Glad you got to meet Jodie and Rachael. We had a lovely sewing day on Sunday.

ozjane said...

How long before you are back to sewing beads on ballet costumes?

Charlie P said...

Oooh, your funky scrap quilt certainly is funky! Beautiful colours. I can't wait to see Mrs.Perkins and Phoebe too, I'm sure Coco will love them. Melly and Me patterns are great, aren't they?

p.s. lucky you meeting Jodie AND Rachel in the same week! I've just been admiring the purse organiser on Rachel's blog and was very excited to hear you might be making more ;)

Anonymous said...

oooooh, I can't wait to see your Mrs Perkins and Phoebe!! Great fabric choiuces, I am sure they will be divine!

Jodie said...

Bernadette, Again a huge thankyou for the MASSIVE bag of selvedges and just to let you know after a whole day of quilting last weekend, if I EVER EVER attempt another quilt - you my dear will be quilting it !

Lurline's Place said...

Bernadette, I'm looking forward to seeing your finished projects - will be great fun!
Best wishes - Lurline.

Anonymous said...

I made the Elephant "Pheobe" and also have the pattern for the Giraffe and the Monkey.

happy sewing