Sunday, June 22, 2008


What a lovely day I had. First of all I met lovely Rachel.
Rachel was kind enough to trust me to quilt her two lovely quilts, her version of Leanne's House Ruth's quilt and her version of Lime and Soda which you can see on her blog. The photos don't do them justice and the colours in Lime and Soda are just gorgeous. Rather a lot of this aqua and browns. Rachel says she isn't really a quilter she is more an embroiderer.......have you seen her Elizabeth quilt and curved piecing isn't the easiest either, I don't think you give yourself enough credit Rachel!! I gave Rachel some fabric she was after to finish a project plus a purse organiser I had made and a pin cushion to match for her little win from my giveaway. The pattern was from here. Now I think I will have to make one for myself. I might make one for Michelle and Charlie to put in with their wins too. (they are coming girls!)

I was actually at Ballarat Patchwork doing a class yesterday, Compass and Vines with Deborah Dorward. Once we all got our brains working back to front and inside out the foundation piecing was easy! I have done it before but as I don't do it often enough I have forgotten by the next time I do it. I always think you learn at least one new thing at every class and the thing I learnt about was the Sulky transfer pen. What a little gem this pen is, you trace over the pattern with the pen then iron it onto (in this case) the interfacing we were using for the foundations, with it making around 10 patterns before re-inking brilliant!! It certainly saves a lot of time tracing out each foundation pattern when you have 8 per block and 16 blocks. I did some more when I got home but I was having trouble with the iron shrivelling up the interfacing so a sheet of glad bake later and I was easy!

Next Emma called out to me...and there in the shop was the extraordinary Jodie! What a lovely surprise and she came bearing lucky am I!!! She is very bad I just gave her a bag of selvedges, admittedly it was a pretty large bag, I won't mention here how big as I don't want to incriminate myself but suffice to say I think Jodie may have gotten a few of her papa selvedges along with the mamma's and baby's. Anyway there she was wearing her lovely selvedge scarf. LOL I don't think I told her I still have some stash put away in UFO's I haven't de-selvedged yet. I am almost convinced to make one for myself...but I already have enough WIPS....ok too many. Look at the cute little address label....

And the gorgeous card, lovely colours.....

And what's this peeking out of the box?

A box full of pink sugary goodness....yummmm!!!!

Here's all my goodies look at the cute cards with some of Jodies softies.....

Thank you Jodie it was delectable!


Anonymous said...

That cake looks positively sinful! I would eat it in a minute. ROTFLMAO

I have looked through my subs for "the post" referencing the bag pattern and I can't find it. :(

Lissa Jane said...

how cool is that pen? the pressies from Jodster AND those gorgeous blocks??? (I can see all those fabrics in my stash btw)..
sounds like a perfect Saturday if you ask me!