Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have not been idle

Well not totally! I have managed to do a little bit of work and a little bit of my own sewing.
First here is Kelly's very first quilt, her stack and slash with Papillon edge to edge, I didn't get any big photos as I ran out of battery power and I forgot yesterday when she was here.

Next is Brenda's Egyptian quilt revisited. I ran out of time before the Ballan show but wanted to swirl fill the backgrounds of the pyramids before she puts it into the Melbourne Show so I got that done.

Here is my disappearing nine patch quilt that I bought the kit for at the Ballan quilt show. Finally finished....or is it? I think I saw the lovely green rose fabric at Pentland Patchwork so I think I will put a border on it and make it a bit bigger with perhaps the raspberry as the first smaller border....see how large Kelly's quilt was underneath it on the gammil?

And last but not least the Bendigo siggie quilt. I finally have it laid out and have been joining the blocks into rows.


Rachelmp said...

You have done well Bernadette! I'm very impressed. And it looked like a fantastic sewing weekend too - perfect weather for it

ozjane said...

Wow siggy quilt looks fab..but I am still glad I didn't attempt it.
Love the other quilting.