Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Embroideries of the past

These are specially for Wendy who didn't know I use to do embroidery, when I had more time...like before the Gammil. Here are just a few.
Here is my absolute favourite....The Blue Wren. He was a class I took at Sovereign Needlework in Ballarat with the very talented Lesley Turpin-Delport from South Africa.
Just look at his beady little eye.....

His body is long and short stitch the gumnuts are stumpwork and satin stitch for the flat ones the branch was I think coral stitch and those tiny claws are bullion wraps and wraps and wraps!!!

Close up of his tail feathers, silk and organza ribbon embroidery with some ostrich feathers out of Lesley's feather duster thrown in!!

Another class at Sovereign, A Summer Garden, surface stitchery. The background is all french knots.
The Kangaroo Paws are needle weaved.

Silk Ribbon Embroidery


Ribbonwiz said...

Just beautiful SRE Bernadette!
The little blue wren is gorgous!

sMC said...

like I said before ... is there no end to your talents ... and don't email me and say Jack of all Trades Master of None because in my humble opinion you Master them all. Stunning work lets see more.

Simon - aka Bloke said...

Wow - totally amazing, there must have not been any TV when they were done. Think I will stick to quilts.

ozjane said...

Did you have to remind me how clever you are...just when I am about to try and start work on a Christmas stocking RR.
Yes I have joined in again to play!
And I am scared stiff.

Charlie P said...

Oh wow, your embroidery is beautiful. Is there no end to your talents?

Lissa Jane said...

finally caught up on some blogs! B your embroidery, I am speechless!!! there isn't enough words to describe it, bloody gorgeous doesn't quite do it justice!!!!

and congrats on the two DJ finishes *W* you are quite mad, you know that dont you???