Sunday, June 15, 2008

The point of no return.....

Point Impossible? Pointless? Get to the point??? Point Taken? What I am rambling about ? All shall be revealed in due course.

To start the story I had a thought on Friday.....TOWEMOTM (the one who earns most of the money) had to work on males, cold weather and bacon bone soup cooking all day = sewing day. So I emailed Kelly who had been emailing me asking me quilting questions (which I then asked Rachel -thanks Rachel) and asked if she and her MIL my friend Sharon would like to come up for a sewing day so it was arranged.

Shortly after ten saw them arrive laden down as if they were coming for the weekend. I had everything set up and away we went with Sharon protesting the whole time that we had to have a cuppa doesn't know me when I get into a sewing mood however Kelly was of a like mind and away we went and started WITH not after cuppa!!!

So now we come to the title of this blog entry. Here are Sharon's lovely blocks. They were started as a mystery quilt quite a while ago now but she had been sick for quite a while and was unable to finish the quilt. I decided the time was right to crack the whip and get this quilt together so I suggested she bring it with her. It is going to be a very pretty quilt when it's done and will look lovely in her bedroom with the grey carpet and walls.

However as Sharon is a reasonably new and inexperienced quilter.....well some of the points had gone missing and by the time I saw them it was too late to do much about it. So we were trying to decide what to call the quilt. Sharon has a good sense of humour and as the quilt police don't live at or visit her house well who cares about points!! Does anyone else have any suggestions......we would love to hear them.

BTW we ended up with all the blocks finished and the top three rows together with me pinning and Sharon chain piecing. Only three more block rows (with sashings) to go. The finished quilt can be seen in my November 2006 post.

Here are Kelly's gorgeous Kaffe Fassett blocks. Her quilt is the Tequila Sunrise version of Lime and Soda from Ballarat Patchwork. Emma has picked out some lovely fabrics for it. Believe it or not this is only her SECOND quilt and she is doing curved piecing in the large drunkards path blocks. Isn't she clever.......oh yes (no show without punch) I can't forget Sharon.......yes so are you Sharon!!
Sharon keeps telling me I will be in trouble with her son Brenton for converting Kel.....I don't think so after all every girl needs something to do when the dreaded football is on!! AND she is about to start a blog this space.

And here is Sharon at the end of a day of me cracking the whip!!!!
(you asked for it Sharon did you think I wouldn' know me better than that!)


Bluejanem said...

Yep - My suggestion is to call that little quilt - "What's The Point".
Love the colours and looks like you girls had a lovely day!

Kelly said...

What a great synopsis of the day... I was laughing so much Brenton asked me what i was laughing at... You'd be so proud, i have ALL the blocks sewn and ironed.. YAY!!!
When i left you i thought i'd done half of them.. Turns out there are 64 squares and i'd only done 18!!!
Next time i think you should do something of your own too...
So what ya doin' Friday?... he he