Sunday, June 01, 2008


I couldn't help myself I have kept looking at this quilt Compasses and Vines by Deborah Dorward everytime I went into Ballarat Patchwork so I finally just gave up and booked into the class. Some things you just have to stop resisting! At least I should have enough repro's to make the entire quilt!! Although no doubt I won't be able to spend the day at BP without coming home with something new sneaking into my bag with me.

My friend Sharon (who is blogless) took me out to lunch with her and her DIL Kelly on Friday, it was a lovely day. I had shown Kelly how to do a stack and slash around November last year and I really only showed her minimal...well she just took off with it. The quilt which is for her bedroom is on the machine now. She wanted to have a look in Ballarat Patchwork so we stopped off and she got enough fabric for two quilts and some Melly and Me softie patterns. Emma said she should give me It was almost as good as buying it myself!

I think Kelly has well and truly caught the bug she saw even more quilts she wanted to make in the shop! I even caught her stroking the fabric on the way new obsessive compulsive patchworker has been born. I have been trying to convert Sharon for a while now and although she has got two quitls in progress (and also purchased a Chloe kit on the day) she is a dabbler really and not a true obsessive patchworker although she does like to collect a little bit of fabric!!!!! At least I only got 4 fat quarters, I couldn't resist these as I think I will make a Chloe quilt too, just the thing to do with my Prints Charming fabrics.


peggy said...

100 posts????? WOW...congratulations
Peggy in NJ

Wendy HPQ said...

100 posts... and I was Number 4772 to visit your blog! Remember the family thing about 47??

I don't need any prizes thankyou... I can't believe you have booked in for that class! When on earth do you get the time???

Lovely day fondling fabric with Nicky and Jody yesterday, for Nicky's birthday... we went to Castlemaine. Their was just enought left on my CC to buy a gorgeous pair of jeans... and a little bit of fabric for my Whirly Twirly.
We are having a TTSCQ this Thursday night, want to come over??

HPQ - Bendigo

Anonymous said...

Love the polka dots... Congrats on your 100 posts, wishing you many more...Ronda K Beyer