Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jellyroll Class

Yesterday I spent a lovely day teaching a class at one of my local patchwork shops, Pentland Patchwork in Bacchus Marsh. The class was for my Strawberry Lemonade or Dear Baby Jane quilt using a jellyroll and charm square pack, a very quick and easy quilt. The girls worked hard and finished their quilts to the last two pieced borders except for Kaye as she was getting sore eyes and Kelly who was having trouble picking a fabric to go into the first border. I am glad to say she finally found one she liked so I will expect to see it finished on her blog very soon! We had a great day although we were all tired by the end I think! Here are some photos of the girls.

Here they are, hard at work.

Julie, working hard!

Kaye, chain piecing.

Kelly, head down and flat out!

Someone obviously said something that amused Sharon!!

Sharon's quilt in progress.
Julie's quilt which we nicknamed Random Random as rather than have two fabrics the same on each of the squares as mine did she went for totally random so each frame around each square was different.

A close up of Julie's quilt with the pretty Butterfly Fling fabrics.

Julie with Random Random. We found a pretty white fabric with butterflies on it for their 1st border, very appropriate.

Kelly's pretty Flutterby fabric. Kelly decided to go with what we called "the structured" option, all the same fabrics for the frame. I think it worked well with her fabrics.
Gorgeous Kelly!

Sharon's half and half the same as mine, top and bottom the same fabrics and sides the same fabrics.

Sharon with her quilt. Only two pieced borders left to go.

Here's my friend Sharon who went for the "structured" or "organised" version in Butterfly Fling and a darker first border.

Finally here is Kaye with her structured quilt with 2 plain borders.

Don't they all look different! Well done girls!!


our shabby cottage said...

What a day! They all look great Bernadette!

Lesley said...

Love reading your blog Bernadette

Lissa Jane said...

wow.. a very productive day!!!
wish I could of joined the fun!!!


ozjane said...

Yes me too Lissa...we need to know about these things....
I have not taken a class in about 3 overdue.
Look great.
Can I have what you are on.......?
I need some of that energy.