Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Phew!! I finally got the rugrat down to bed. I am on babysitting duty as Coco Daisy's Mum and Dad went to Derby Day. We are in the middle of the Spring Racing Carnival here in Victoria, our major racing season. Here is a photo of her, isn't she cute?

And now for equal time here is her cousin Isabella Poppy at her third birthday...she is cute too and she loved her cake!!

This one is for Lissa, who asked if the snowball tree was a hydrangea. No and I can't remember the botanical name but I think there are a few different ones anyway.

Next these are for Jane and Kelly who wanted to see the full view. You will notice when I took this photo that the machine at least was free and clear unlike my own personal workspace. The table is covered with some of my WIPS and my quilts waiting to be quilted are under the white practise pieces (from when I first started quilting on the gammill) No the drums aren't mine, funny how even though the kids leave some of their possessions make their way back.

These are my latest fabric purchases. The black paisley and the cream with flower were both $3m at Spotlight so I got a few metres of each thinking of bag linings but I think I wouldn't mind the black paisley on the outside of one. I also got some brown cotton drill to go with the owl fabric not quite as dark as I wanted but it will do.

Also some lovely 1800's from Quilters Bizaar, thanks Lorraine. I loved that I was able to order 15cm of each! Just enough for Dear Jane with some scraps left over.


our shabby cottage said...

Those 1800's fabrics will be perfect Bernadette!

Lissa Jane said...

thanks for the pic of the snowball tree..
I was very bad yesterday and bought yes, more fabric.. LOL I actually found some of your new purchases as FQ's at Big W (four of them actually) bargain.. will take a pic to share of what I bought!
and your grandbabies are too cute for words!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Love your new fabrics!!
Ive got 2 gorgeous nieces Daisy Elizabeth and Grace Poppy!