Saturday, July 05, 2008


I have finished another quilt to replace Coco's quilt. This time I used Strawberry Lemonade jelly roll and charm squares. It is a very easy simple quilt and it's for a beginners class I am doing at Bacchus Marsh in August. I won't have time to quilt it as I have too much work on but I am counting it as another one off my challenge as my challenge was to try to finish 5 whether it was totally or just tops. I HAVE to get some of these WIPS and quilts sitting there waiting to be started with fabric allocated out of the way. So that's two down and three to go.

Here it is on my friend Sharon's spare bed it's turned out quite a good size a bit bigger than Coco's quilt as Sweet Baby Jane from memory only had 32 charms so I made it 5x6 blocks this one had 39 so I made it 5x7 blocks.

I was home late last night after a lovely day at Sharon's sewing with Sharon and Kelly- being Kelly AND Sharon's quilt fairy- thanks for the name Kel. I spotted something hanging halfway out of the letterbox (I have a roadside mail box not at the house being in a rural area) and guess what it was.......

Jodie's lovely orphan blocks. I can just see something for Miss Coco and Miss Isabella in these cute blocks, maybe a dolly quilt each.

And what's that up the back.......

One of Jodies bird in a gocco cage how spoilt!!! Isn't he just so cute? He came with his stitched wing french knot eye and satin stitched beak. Thanks again Jodie!

Here are Lissa's tumblers all cut out and ready to send.

Here are mine....all ready to sew.....I have made a start! (see Julie's gorgeous Bronwyn Hayes stitchery quilt on the machine)
And this is what I have been doing in my spare time (???) knitting a cable beanie!


Lurline's Place said...

Wow, Bernadette - you have been a busy girl. I just love all of this post. Lucky Lissa, your Tumbler fabric swap looks great. I'm looking forward to our 1800's swap.
'Bye for now - Lurline.

ozjane said...

Can I have what you are on?

Such energy leaves me breathless.
Not hard these

Lissa Jane said...

Holy Moly you been a busy petal! I am knackered reading all that!!! sent some more yesterday, will cut out more next week, this quilts going to be not only fabbo but HUMUNGOUS as well!!!!

PS I am green with envy over the birdie cage, how awesome is that???

Rachelmp said...

You are very lucky Bernadette! Lovely things there. I'm just going to pop over to Kellys blog now to see what she has been up to.

Jodie said...

Spare time ? How in the world do you have spare time - you never stop!