Saturday, July 26, 2008

This week has been busy!!!

Not enough hours in the day! The countdown in on until my son's wedding on Daydream Island on September 10th. Not enough time to get all the quilts done I a) need to get done and out of the way and b) need to get done to get some money in to help pay for the trip/holiday/wedding outfit....etc etc.

Head on over to my old friend Glenice's blog for yet another generous giveaway, she is celebrating her 300th post!
This week I did manage to finish the lovely Rachel's gorgeous quilts. I wanted to keep this one!!!Rachel's version of Lime and Soda with "Bubbles" quilted on it.

I was very lucky and Rachel and I did some bartering and I ended up with five new Melly and Me patterns.......Mrs Perkins, Fido, 1941, Elly and Phoebe. I can't wait to make them all up. If I am lucky enough to get some more quilts from Rachel I might get a book next time!
Rachel's lovely stitchery quilt has "Heartstrings" quilted on it. A very appropriate pattern for this quilt.

I also have Charlie's fabrics all ready to go but haven't yet done her organizer, so I have to get organized!
I did start to put some of Lissa's and my tumbler blocks together. I have done 8 rows of 20 across and it doesn't even look like I made a dent in our tumblers!!! As Lissa keeps telling me I think this is going to be a humungous quilt. It isn't turning out quite as I had imagined as there are a lot more lights than I thought I would have preferred some more mediums used as lights.


Lissa Jane said...

humungous? try freaking huge!!!! :O)

you have done um, 1000% more than me, I have unpicked mine and swore at my sewing machine! its a start isn't it???


Christine said...

Wow .... you have done a fantastic job with Rachel's quilts. Lovely work.