Thursday, December 03, 2009

I have been so bad.....

I was very bad on the weekend. I went to Daylesford to the makers market. There were so many nice things to buy I couldn't decide what to buy. Plus I must admit I do suffer a bit with the "I could make that myself" syndrome. So I went for a walk to the little patchwork shop and I found some fabric. Some chocolate and aqua to go with my Saville Row quilt started quite a while ago (note to self do some work on it!) Also some nice brights I thought would go on Isabella's Rainbows and Lollipops quilt I also need to work on.

Then I spotted the Material Obsession 2 book with some of my favourite quilts, I had been meaning to buy no 1 but after looking at no 2 I could not resist it so again 1 will have to wait! Then I wandered over to the newsagent and could not resist the latest DUQ.

As if that wasn't enough I was reading some blogs when I got home and discovered Emma at Ballarat Patchwork had a 20% off sale. So I got this book I have had my eye on before it was released, a great time to buy with the sale. Now I had better be really really good for a while and work on some UFO's!!!

Double Delight, Bonnie Hunter ( mystery quilt from New Years early this year! I pulled it out and started working on it when I saw there was a new Christmas mystery quilt. I don't have a christmas quilt so I am very tempted by Carolina Christmas, a christmas quilt in repro fabrics, sounds like me.

Jane Austen quilt which has been the bane of my existence for the past three years! I am sick of trying to get all those white borders matched!!! Then I realised I didn't have all the white borders around the centre panel...gggrrrrrrrr!!!!! So it has gone into hybernation once again until I have the patience to start unpicking AGAIN.


martha said...

Hi Bernadette. love your Jane Austen. Have you seen Inklingo? Linda Franz has a collection of shapes that I used to make mine!

martha said...

Ps I also spent a lot of time un stitching and made the same mistake of sewing some diamonds together without sashing!

Renee said...

that doesn't sound too bad to me ;) Looks like a great haul!

ozjane said...

Jolly good work by the look of it.
The market sounds fun.
Now can you bottle some of that energy and put in on your friends Christmas stocking....LOL.
I scored a postman trip today..had fallen of my good wagon and was still in nightgown but scored a bag....a big bag from free shipping and a smaller package.
So much cheaper than petrol and such less effort. LOL

Lissa Jane said...

bad? no, buying quilty stuffs is cheaper than therapy.. well maybe not in the long run, but it does make ya feel good! I love the Jane Austen, but sewing and unsewing isn't my favourite thing either!


catsmum said...

who's been a busy girlie then ?
wish I could swing a visit to Glennie's for the GTG - not having seen you since forever ago at Jasmine's - but 't'is not to be :[

next time you go to Daylesford, give a yell and I'll drive over to meet you.