Friday, January 09, 2009

Double Delight Mystery Quilt.

When I saw that Bonnie K Hunter of Quiltville fame was doing another mystery quilt I was interested. When I saw she was using reproduction fabrics I was hooked! Here I was before 2008 was finished about to start another new quilt!!!!!!!
So much for any quilting new years resolutions. I have decided to basically go with the colours that Bonnie is using, brown, pink, shirtings, navy/indigo, and cheddar. Although I am still unsure of the cheddar so I have skipped ahead to step 3 to make up some of the nine patches to see if I will use it or replace it with pink to finish off step 1 and sew step 2. I think I will have to end up sewing a couple together to make a decision.

Of course I have peeked ahead and I must say I just love how this quilt has turned out. Bonnie is one very clever and generous lady. I have also always been intrigued by the leaders and enders but have never been organised enough to get around to doing them so I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

Here are some of the results. So far I have 30 nine patch blocks made from 2/12" squares leader/enders whilst sewing the mystery quilt. I am not quite sure yet if they will become a sister's choice quilt which I have always really liked or this quilt......

This was in a magazine quite a few years back, another reproduction 1890's scrap quilt by Julie Wallace. I will need 111 nine patch blocks for this one!
Oh and guess what I got for Christmas........

as well as a Heritage Collection for a cause jelly roll and charm square pack. Just had to finish with a photo of the girls at Christmas....

Miss Coco (complete with large bump on the head and bruise from hitting her head the previous night) who thought it was hilarious to be rolling around on the floor when I was trying to take a photo of her.

Madam Isabella modelling for the camera! (sometimes we get NO camera!)


Jodie said...

You are in for a busy year already Berndaette, and I might get you to explain that whole leader / ender thingy to me today.

Julia said...

I too like Bonnie's quilt, but trying so hard not to start it, I have too many already started..
Love the sister's choice quilt too!
Oh dear so much I want to do..
Julia ♥

Holly said...

Hey there Miss Bernadette!

Just wanted to stop by and say hi - it was great to meet you yesterday! I think you'll definitely be hearing from me again soon once I get my door prize quilt all made! And also regular stops to say hi and catch up :)


Bluejanem said...

Love your leaders and enders Bernadette - also your colour choices for DD look pretty cool.