Friday, January 16, 2009

Sew unique...

So much to post about, why do I leave it until there are two or three posts worth? I guess it's because I am rotten dial up so it takes me forever. So here goes.....
First up, if you are into reproductions at all don't miss this website, they are having a sale with a lot of their repros at $4-$5 yd and they give the best service! I bought 3yds of pink civil war dressing gown as well as some shirtings on 31st December which was a Wednesday and it was here delivered by the following Tuesday! I couldn't believe it that is the first time I have ever had a package arrive in under a week from the States, in fact half the time the Aus mail takes that long to reach my little rural town.
Thanks Kathie!


Julia said...

Hi Bernadette,
I have been trying to buy fabric from Sew Unique, but i can't get through the shipping thingy!
So I gave up and sent them an email..
gorgeous fabrics,, I want some!
Julia ♥

Kathie said...

beautiful fabrics you bought! I can never have enough shirtings.
glad your happy!!!!
I have no connections to this shop just loved the service and prices so happy to pass on that information. NIce to support a home based mom business as well.