Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Two more finished.

This quilt is Country Pathways, I purchased the pattern at the scquilters retreat in Bendigo in 2007 along with a starter pack of fabrics from Threadbear. I added a lot of my old favourites and some repros to finish it off. The poor thing was on my workroom floor forever as I don't have a design wall but Sunday I took pity on it and had it finished in no time. I have since added the needleturned flower centres, these were finished Sunday night. I put one of my favourite older fabrics in this quilt, the poppy fabric.

Next finish was the revised tumbler quilt that Lissa and I swapped our repros for. I took about 5 rows from the length and added them on the sides so it's 26 tumblers across and 25 long. As you can see (on a queen size bed) it's quite large. The end tumblers have to be trimmed back to create a straight edge as I wasn't organised enough to do this during construction! At least after a lot of fiddling around it's done. I still have around 100 tumblers left over so I will make a lap quilt out of the leftovers.

Last but not Dear Jane fabric range.


Lissa Jane said...

aw bundy.. it looks freaking awesome.. nearly as nice as mine, so dont go mixing them up now you hear *W*
I just realised, we have nearly the SAME FREAKING bed.. how spooky is that??? and even freakier, my bedroom was a similar shade before we painted it yellow (and about to paint it purple)..

SPOOKY.. we'll have to get ourselves organised for another swap.. next HUGE project is going to be a 1000 pyramids quilt.. or in my case, 101 pyramids cause I'll get bored / sidetracked quickly!

Merry Chrissy to you bundy!!!


Kathie said...

both quilts are just beautiful
Isnt't that awesome to have 2more quilts finished!
I love looking at all the fabrics in the tumbler quilt.