Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I need a name! and Merry Christmas

I wonder if you can help me? I am a new addition to the family and I don't have a name yet. My Mum bought me from the Vet's in Bacchus Marsh. I was in the local paper and I was a very good buy as I came de-sexed microchipped vaccinated advocat-ed (flea worm mites protection) and with some food and a toy. The vets also had another 19 of my cousins but some had already gone to new homes so if you aren't too far away and would like a new addition maybe you can think about adopting too.

I am very very friendly and I purrrrr all the time.....and climb up onto my Mum when I want to go to sleep. My Dad tells people he doesn't like cats but when Mum isn't looking I have been climbing up and giving him a cuddle too and he lets me! He has even been nagging Mum about my food or water (as if she didn't know)!!!

Aunty Sharon suggested Claus. My Mum doesn't mind it but wants to know what you think? She thinks my markings look like a rude!!!!
I don't look like a cow do I! Some other people have suggested a Collingwood name (football team) as I am black and white. My mum thinks thats dumb cos she barracks for Essendon.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you I am a boy cat.

Haha...shhh....don't tell... I put one of me and my Mum here, she hates her photo taken cos she takes rotten photos but she let my Dad take this one because of how I was asleep on her.

Well all this typing and loading up photos has made me very tired specially on my Mum's stupid dial up connection but she did tell me I have to say to all her old friends and all her new ones she's made from blogging this year,
Have a very Happy and safe Christmas.


Hermione Agee said...

He looks like a Harry to me. Merry Christmas :o)

rachelmp said...

What a sweetie! Merry Christmas Bernadette x

Jodie said...

oh Bernadette, he is waaaayyyy tooo cute for words. I love that little upside down sleepy pic.

he looks like a "pavlova" to me - or "pav" for short.

Catherine said...

He is adorable!! Absolutely fabulous! I don't know why, but I keep thinking Joe for a name. Merry Christmas.

Lissa Jane said...

awwww bless.. a wee little puss puss (or also known as the furry evil kitty's who grow up into b@$tard cats)..

I think he looks like a sylvester! or Sil for short.. we name all our pets after alcomohol.. so how about a sambucca??

Have a merry chrissy Bundy.. to you and your mob!!!

Nola G said...

How 'bout Humbug. That just about sums up my thoughts on Christmas (Bah Humbug) and those old fashioned black and white coloured lollies were called Humbugs. Really cute kitty.

Kathie said...

He is just so adorable
a name, well how about Nick, Nicky for St Nick considering the time of the year? I kind of like the idea of Santa though!

Lurline's Place said...

How about Chrissy? I really thought he was a little girl - so pretty - hope he has a long, happy life!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Vivsews said...

Too cute! How about Twinkle

Deb said...

I love all of the names the other ladies have left , he is so so cute, How about Colin!! (Colin Firth of course)
Happy Christmas

ozjane said...

Well I thought Holly but that was taken even before I knew his sex...the next thought was sparkles as he has a real sparkle to him. Then of course there is Rudolf but he would get called rudy..
I think Nick is taken too is it not?
Imp looks a likely label but just remember the vet nurse is going to call out in a loud name....his name and your surname.
Could be socks cause stocklings is too long and he will probably help you knit a few.
Whaaaaaaaa I wanna come visit...
Somehow Moggie looked a little large on my lap just then. I think she came to convince me that starvation is iminent...but I take some convincing.
That is just the best present.
Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...

How about the obvious!? PATCH !!
A bit of a patchwork cat with all those patches..???

He javascript:void(0)is so cute BB... Merry Christmas.

Wendy HPQ

Art Sense said...

What a cutie! I think Stanley would be a cute name. Hope you had a good Christmas!

Waterfall Manor quilts said...

How about "backus"(sp) as thats where he came from..poor little bloke already lost his family jewels,looks tooo young to be taken away from his mum...lucky he found you Princes "B"..maybe you should call him "Prince"...or PIA
cause thats what he will be a pain in the ass...but oh so cute..good rescue "B"xx

Kathy said...

How about "Moo" seeing as he has "cow" markings. I loved Baccus as well or how about Marshy? We named our kitten Sunday as we got her from the sunday markets!