Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Back to the Reproductions!

Here is a little reproduction show and tell. This quilt belongs to Paula. Paula admired my Broken Dishes quilt and wanted one. I had made a large one (which hangs at the LPS) and missed it so I decided to make a smaller version. (The LPS has sold a lot of fabric to people wanting to make this quilt as it's so antique looking.) Most unusual for me to make two of the same quilt unless it's pretty quick and easy. So we made up HST's and swapped around 80 I think. So this is Paula's twin of my broken dishes lap quilt although she added to hers and made it similar to the size of my larger one.

I used my favourite quilting pattern on Paula's, Field of Flowers by Keryn Emmerson. Paula says it's her favourite quilt and her sister keeps trying to get it but there's no way she is parting with it!!

This is my twin to Paula's. It is lap size with no borders and is quilted with Baptist Fans by Hermione Agee (Lorien Quilting)

This is a small part of the original quilt. My aim with this quilt was to NOT place the fabrics in an organised way so when I was putting the squares together to make the HST's I put them in a bag and pulled them out randomly, very hard not to place lights and mediums with darks all the time!!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...


Caroline in NH said...

Gorgeous! I think one of these, in civil war repros, just made it onto my "must do" list.

Kathie said...

great to see this quilt I just started one too. I posted pictures on my blog the other day.
They are fun to make and LOVE looking at quilts with lots of fabrics like this.
love the quilting you did on them

Lissa Jane said...

Oooh.. *sigh* Lovely lovely lovely..

You know, I think I might have enough fabric in my stash to make me one of these *W*


Lesley said...

Well that is so nice I just have to have one...so on that ever expanding list it goes, I need to stop quilting for a living so I can make these quilts I love.

Annie said...

That quilting is superb Bernadette. I'll have to get you to do something for me one of these days. I love the pattern.

ozjane said...

Yummy stuff there. Must not look too hard or I would be tempted with reproductions.....and do not need to be.
Like the first quilting pattern.