Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Jane rolls on....

I seem to be on a bit of a roll with DJ at the moment. Problem is when I am doing DJ I don't get anything else done! It is quite obsessive and I have limited time, usually only nights to do it.

This is E-4 Buffalo Tree Hopper. It is not black as it may look on some screens it is a dark purple.

D-3 Jason's Jacks. This fabric was a new one I bought on Monday it's one of the poison greens and cheddars ...but more about that later. This block was originally brown but is one that I have changed it was a very quick and easy block.

E-3 Paddle Wheels.

F-3 Snowball.

B-5 Hot Cross Buns. I must get the last two blocks of row b done!!!
Bernadette 55-5-1-1143

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ozjane said...

Where is the FA meeting?
See Lissa won Kerry's giveaway.
I am a wee bit behind in catching up on blogs.
Got two quilts back from Janette on Sat. Guess who has borders to do now.
See you in the new year. Hugs