Saturday, March 29, 2008

This Week

I finally finished Julie's gorgeous Teddy quilt. Here are some photos as promised for Michele. The feather scroll border on this quilt is I think my new favourite! Ok Michele, I showed you mine now you show me


Lissa Jane said...

I dont know what to say.. thats bloody gorgeous.. you have outdone yourself and I can see why your custom customers keep coming back... I am gobsmacked.. and almost (almost) lost for words..


Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Hi Princess"B" are right that outer border is fabulous...will steal that design mate..Pat xx

sMC said...

Can see I will have to get another quilt to you for quilting. How does a Stars Ones for the Scots sister sound. Haven't started but have the fabrics and pattern. Hope all is well with you and yours hOps

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernadette,

Sorry...I am so late to the party. Give me a few minutes and I will post mine on my blog, too. Yours is nicer. I love the border you have done. My customer wanted bows. BOWS! Anyway, done is good.