Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Baaaacckkk!!!! 2

Well I went to have a look at Susan I's (the cats's mother) blog and she had this IQ test so I tried it and above are the results....interesting I must say I don't like crosswords much but I did like debates when I was in school. The other comments are interesting regarding the visual and spatial strengths....I always thought I was bad at the spatial stuff....maybe the quilting has helped it....LOL!

Ah, that reminds me Glenny and Andrea have "tagged" me I think it's the 7 weird things about me. Maybe that can be one. I must have a look and see what I have to do.

GD alert....latest photos.

Coco with her new earrings, her Mum sent me photos via the mobile. Ouch her little ear looks red still. The one in the pink dress is Mini Me of her Mum especially with the blonde hair coming through same colour as her mum had.
Next is Bella, doing her Bindi Irwin impression and practising to be a Hamilton Island attraction just like her great-aunty Trudy!

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