Sunday, March 23, 2008


My personalDNA Report
I found that on Elaines which I found vias Hop's blog and you don't even have to fill in your email address...too cool!!! ROFLMAO @ When routines get too familiar, you become bored and start looking for ways to spice things 50 odd WIPS!!! So what personality are you? Please leave me a comment if you do it! I have switched to moderated after one recent comment took me to some weird site that my pc-cillin blocked.

Well I am feeling very virtuous, see me sitting here with a halo over my head?? For the past two days I have actually spent time at the sewing machine sewing which I haven't done since early January when I posted my batch of SBS blocks. In between I was SID'ing poor Julie's gorgeous Teddy's Garden Treasures quilt which she has also been patiently waiting for, my custom waiting list is the pits partly because I keep saying I am not taking anymore in but regulars say here is one I want customed, I don't mind!

I have cut out and sewn a kit I bought from Serenityglen patchworx at last week's Ballan Quilt Show, it's only small but it's nearly finished each row is sewn I just need to sew all the rows together. I have it on good authority (Lissa) that it's called a disappearing nine patch, you made the nine patch out of large squares then cut them in half then in half again. I love it!

Next I was getting ready to cut out my new project a 1930's double irish chain quilt, inspired by Caroline's beautiful quilt at the Ballan show last weekend. Anyone that knows me may be shocked as I have never liked the 1930's fabric...but never say never! (see Julie's gorgeous quilt beneath my new 1930s stash?)

HOWEVER after Lissa's talk of her Bendigo Behemouth I felt guilty and decided to work on my own. For the uninitiated it means our Bendigo signature squares, all 130 odd of them. So I have 90 + done and only around 30 more left which I will have to leave for now as I need to buy some more fabric. I have cut them into 4" squares and framed them with different black prints that are a bit oriental looking and lots of plain black so the printed blacks will also be a bit of a feature interspersed here and there in the quilt top. Can you see yours somewhere there????

Of course I then had around 130ish 2.5" rectangles left, the offcuts from each block so of course I decided to make TWO quilts as you do, the other one is based on Bento Box which is in Successful Scrap Quilts by Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe. It still has a long way to go, longer I think than the other quilt!


Lissa Jane said...

you have been a busy possum, and I am feeling guilty now, that I shamed you into working on your Bendigo Behemouth too! its looking good (btw, I love the 2nd quilt too, very gorgeous)... and 30's, well no comment needed there.. and I am no expert on anyfing! LOL I wanna do a disappearing nine patch, but alas, I am too snowed under right now!

take care and happy easter to you!

Bernadette said...

LOL don't feel guilty it was just the push I waiting for a recent photo of your behemouth on your blog!

blessed speedy said...

WOW - you HAVE been busy!!!
You have also made me feel guilty - my bendigo top is done but that is it - MUST get onto making it into a quilt
BTW I did spot my fabric in your top - and love the "extra" quilt you made from the leftovers