Monday, March 24, 2008

SID - love it or hate it!

Well some quilters love it, some hate it, some regard it as a necessary evil, some just don't do it at all! Why? Because -
a) It isn't easy to perfect when you first start out.
b) It takes a long time, very time consuming and time = money
c)It can become very boring - if you have a lot of it to do.
d) Some just don't think it's necessary
e) You have to use a ruler- another tricky learning curve for beginners as you have to almost be double jointed to get the machine around all the different angles of the ruler.
f) Can't think of anything more, feel free to add to comments if you can come up with something else?

SID we are talking about and I think it's very necessary on a quilt. Why?
a)Because it makes the quilt sit lovely and flat, front and back
b)It stabilises the quilt as you are working on it
c)It just looks better.
e)Except where CC or line dancing (Diana Phillips variation of CC) replaces it - that one's specially for Pat vbg

So whats different to SID on a domestic machine? I suspect this is another reason why some Longarm Quilters don't like SID as they regard it as something that domestic quilters do, most people can do it (another reason a lot of LA's don't like to "stipple" meander) however it's just
the framework for us Longarmers. SID on a domestic doesn't need to be guided by a ruler and as most SID on a domestic is done with a walking foot it's a lot easier. Try to do SID on your domestic with the feed dogs down and the free motion foot on, that's what it's like to SID on a Longarm!

*****NB***** to ensure good SID a quilt needs to be pressed accordingly, meaning the seam doesn't jump from one side to another, it has to be pressed all to the same side.********

So here is just a small snapshot of how it's done!

OOOPPSSS!!!! Some backtracking to be done here!


See the difference where it has been SID'd? The little green border has been done either side and the pink border needs the left hand side done.

All finished this is how your SID should look.


Bluejanem said...

Don't mind it now I have a handle on it - and speaking of which - I love your ruler - where did you get that?

Also the fabric range that was used in the quilt for my mum and dad is "Anna's Starry Night"

Cheers - Jane Monk

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernadette.
Is that the teddy garden stitchery quilt? If so, I quilted the exact same one on Sunday. I will show you mine, if you show me yours, LOL.


Bernadette said...

Hi Michele
yes it is, I would show you but it isn't finished yet as I have been doing lots and not getting much work done! As soon as it is finished which should be on Friday hopefully I will put in on my blog.