Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I have been doing my hexagons at night while I can before I really have to start getting into research, essays and research reports. I now have 28 done out of 104 so over a quarter of the way there.

After five years my red flowering gum has flowered! I have waited anxiously to see what colour it would be as they can be anywhere from cream through to red or anything in between. Although it may look red it is actually a bright orange so it was worth the long wait.

A cute little quilt I did for the upcoming local quilt show I won't show you the front yet this is the back.

This is Julie's grandmothers braid quilt I did last month.

Now it's off to do some more hexagons for me!!


Janet said...

Your hexagons are wonderful, love them and the other projects you've been working on are fabulous to see. So glad I popped over to your blog because did you know, you're no reply blogger?

Jodie said...

Bernadette, at first I thought you had 104 essays to do !!

Those hexagons look great !

Julia said...

Beautiful quilting.. as always Bernadette..
That hexagon quilt is on my list to do..
Julia ♥

Lissa Jane said...

another paper piecing project?? man, you are well and truly ADDICTED....

(who is over her hexagons BIG TIME)

Kathie said...

love the hexagons, I love seeing your quilting
always amazed. I can't wait to see the front of that quilt!
thanks for visiting my blog !!!!

catsmum said...

Don't know which is more spectacular - the quilting on the back of that quilt for the local show or your fabulous gum blossoms.
btw re your Easter daisy comment on my blog, someone told me today that my ones are actually aster daisies. Don't know whether she's correct or not but at least that gives me something to Google :]

ozjane said...

Love both the quilting and that yummy gum.
Paid a visit to Grevillia tonight.....and I bought..of course.