Sunday, March 21, 2010

Autumn beauties

Princess Grace de Monaco is a beautiful rose and I think she is at full splendor in Autumn. I think she is a deeper brighter pink in Autumn than in Summer.
Queen Elizabeth looking pretty.

The gumnuts left from the flowering red gum.

St Cecelia, a David Austin rose. Slightly more blush pink than in Summer but it will fade to white.

Yellow buddleia with a mauve tinge, very vigorous and bushy.

I think the snowball bush is confused as it flowers in Spring?

Last but not least Michaelmas or Easter Daisy. I can't wait until my Tesselar's spring bulbs arrive, thanks Glenice for the heads up!


Lizzie said...

Great pics Bernadette, the roses are just so much better without the heat aren't they? One of my snowball trees had a flower in January, very strange.
Have a good week

jahanzaib said...

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Miriam said...

Beautiful flowers!

Lissa Jane said...

the roses are just lovely (shame Dags pulled all mine out when I went to RETREAT).. I LOVE and ADORE the David Austin ones...
our Gardenia's are confused too, they are still flowering and here it is autumn..
When I read your blog title, I thought you were talking about me, an 'autumn beauty'.. hey I was born in autumn!

take care and quilty huggers to you...
PS you wanna another cat???

Lissa Jane said...
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