Saturday, March 27, 2010

Werribee Open Range Zoo

A few weeks ago it was Kalani Thomas' first birthday which he celebrated at the Werribee zoo.

Here he is below with his Dad on the bus that we saw all the animals on.

And below with his Mum my daughter Rebecca. His blonde hair is starting to grow and he still has the brightest blue eyes.

Here is Coco Daisy on the bus.
Isabella and Kalani with their Dad.

Here is Romi on the bus.

Isabella looking at the meerkats.


Lissa Jane said...

what a cute family... and a perfect way to spend a birthday I think!!!
I love the meerkats the best, they are too cute!!!! Did Kilani get a quilt for his birthday???

ozjane said...

Cutees indeed....
lovely photos.
Have not been to the zoo....all of 10 mins drive away since I last went with 100 preps and that was prior to 1990 so it is time I went and had a new look.

Bizarre Quilter said...

Gosh the weather looks like it was beautiful!!