Sunday, February 28, 2010


After finishing all the bindings on the quilts of my own I had quilted over my summer Uni break I felt like I needed some more handwork to do. So what does one do...start another project of course!!!
I have wanted to make this quilt for years, since I first saw it in Margaret Rolfe's Australian Quilt Heritage book. This is a photo of it in my Fabric of Society book, the dancing dollies quilt. 

I have nearly half of the hexagon flowers made, (around 50) I think I need 112 all up. I have used pinks and browns with a bit of blue.

As if that wasn't enough.....I also started this one, I have loved it since I saw it on Quiltsalot's blog. I seem to have a thing for English paper piecing at the moment.

Unfortunately the Kaffe Fassett Flower Lattice fabric used in the original quilt is almost non existent now so I will just have to make do with what I have, it may be a bit of auditioning fabrics for the large hexagons.

I have also had my eye on this quilt, another from Fabric of Society and almost the same as the Candied Hexagons above. This one is an antique quilt, Frederica Josephsons's Quilt of Diamonds and Hexagons.

I forgot to add, I am using freezer paper, photocoping the pieces onto freezer paper then ironing onto the back of the fabric, no slipping around of the fabric and more flexible than card.
That's it for who knows how long as Uni is back tomorrow...and this year I am taking 3 subjects each semester, probably won't leave much time for sewing.


ozjane said...

Oh how I admire, but I still remember the very first piece of paper I quilted dress fabrics around way back too long to remember.
I must delve deep enough into the shed, but I have a feeling I was talked into throwing it out...and oh how I regret it.

But I love the first one in particular. I was sewing at 3.30 am last night when I was tired of trying to sleep but nothing great to show from it yet. I did get the outside of a bag to the stage of ready to be quilted.

Julia said...

oh Bernadette...I have the book also..I love it!
I have made a dresden plate with the dollies on the border...looks lovely. and I love the hexagon quilt project!
Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

Love both the quilts, I think you are going to be busy.
I have not picked up any hand work for a while and must do that soon.


オテモヤン said...


our shabby cottage said...

I really admire your patience! Those hexagons look wonderful. I have wanted to do something like that for ages but am put off by the amount of time it must take.

Lissa Jane said...

uh Oh... methinks you are addicted!! hand piecing is very relaxing.. and Cosmo aka the bastard cat does the flop on the floor as well.. very annoying! could be lethal for him if I fall on him!

cindy said...

Oh! Another EPP (English Paper Piecing) scrappy quilt! I just love them. What great hexagons! If you would like more hexagon ideas, I run a workshop called "Dear Me, I am going to pieces". We make two new hexagon blocks each week. I would love to have you join us. 8o)

The workshop is at

cindy aka MsDesigns
Teacher/Owner at
Owner at

Kelly said...

I just found your blog and I, too, am addicted to hexagons right now. It's crazy! I don't have near the number made as you, but I keep pluggin' along. Enjoyed your blog!