Friday, April 25, 2008

Free Pattern Give Away

Go over to my friend Kerry's blog and leave a comment, she is giving a free pattern away! It is for Vintage Floral Dishes, you can find the quilt photo on her blog under her Quilt Patterns Label on the side or on her website, linked from her blog. Unfortunately the photo doesn't do the quilt justice, it's made with lovely reproduction fabrics and looks gorgeous in real life. Also check out Christine's blog she has taken some gorgeous photos of Kerry's bits and pieces at the Hobart gathering.

Finally here is Thea's lovely large quilt, striking in batiks but challenging with all those loose triangles in each corner!

Even more Dear Jane!!!!

How good have I been....I am now up to 35 blocks, 5 triangles, 1 corner kite and 798 pieces which means I have done 10 blocks in the past week or so.Now don't look too closely and just remember as Brenda says Finished is better than Perfect!!! (especially in my case lol)

My latest DJ blocks are:-

A-2 One two buckle my shoe

B-12 Starflower - this one I tried reverse applique on, I hadn't done it in ages!

E-1 Aunt Exie's Phlox- this one I had trouble fitting the applique on, I should have used Jane's freezer paper template method I think!

A-11 Pebbles Protest, tricky little block with the order of piecing ..hmm ... might have to work on this one a bit!

A-10 Which points west?

F-13 Tour de France

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Jane again

I finally started back on my Dear Jane, cutting out a few blocks yesterday and finishing one off that I had half done. So I am now at 29-5-1-691 which for non dj'ers means I have completed 29blocks, 5 triangles, 1 corner block and it's taken 691 pieces to stitch.
J-4 Adelaide's apron strings the red is a bit brighter than the photo shows

and D-5 Cathedral Window hmmm think I need to press this one again!

This one looks a bit better, it looks almost black here but it's actually aubergine.
E-10 Five and Dime.

C-9 Jane's Tears

Friday, April 11, 2008

Scrappy Log Cabin Swap

How lucky am I...look what the postie delivered!!!
All the way from Brigette in Discovery Bay Ca in the USA
Thank you thank you thank you Brigette, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine. She even read my blog and found I love fancy wool so she got some home spun wool mixed with sari silk, it's just gorgeous and it's already in the process of being knit into a scarf.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Today is Tuesday....

At my LPS on Saturday I saw some patterns which reminded me of a class I had started about 11 months ago at the lovely Nikki's Honeysuckle Stained Glass patchwork shop. Remember these......

Here is the post which shows the four of them. I hadn't finished them as I didn't have all the colours I needed to paint them so I got all the paints while I was at the shop and I actually finished painting AND I have nearly finished stitching one of them, she just needs her ballet slippers and her bullion roses on her wreath finished.
Next we have Coco's quilt finally finished but poor Coco doesn't have it yet, it's down at the LPS as she is going to do a class with it..... one day Coco will have it!

On the back I have put a piece of Holly Hobby fabric that I found HH was around when her mother was little so of course her mothers nick name was Holly Hobby and she still gets Hob for short sometimes

I have all the blocks finished on the Amy Butler quilt. I really shouldn't call it that as they aren't all AB fabrics just most of them are.....well I think I have finished unless I make another four blocks as I didn't get to use a couple of fabrics and some are favourites.....

Finally I must confess, the rest of my fabric purchases........
I am not absolutely sure what I am doing with them but I think some of them will be made into scrappy log cabins
These are Alexander Henry's and Prints Charming two young street....

And these are from the new Amy Butler range I think it's called Midwest or something similar...

Now that's what I have been doing I would love to hear what you have been doing.....

Friday, April 04, 2008

Kerry's Blog

Today I had a lovely day with my friend Kerry. She has done a great job updating her blog and adding a few of her favourite patterns on it for you to have a look at. Do make sure that you go back a page and have a look at the sneak peak of a couple of her projects for the gathering in Hobart I am just waiting for when she releases the pattern for them. Click here to take you there She loves to read the comments that have been left for her but she is still feeling her way around.
Kerry does the most exquisite embroidery (especially satin stitch which I am hopeless at) and her springtime quilt also comes with directions for a backstitch version as well as the satin stitched. You really need to see these quilts "in the flesh" to appreciate them, I especially love Vintage Broken kind of
I have been privileged to see her new six month block of the month which she is releasing soon so keep watching for that, it's just gorgeous for lovers of patchwork and stitching. I have also heard there could be a giveaway in the future. vbg Below is one of my stitched bears from Kerry's Honeybears pattern, Kerry used country fabrics but mine will be softer colours I think, not sure yet.

Ok so here's one of the reasons I was bashing my head on the desk after buying the Kaffe Fassett fabrics.......

Yes that's right....I had already purchased these Prints Charming fabrics from the Follow Your Imagination two ring ins, the paisley green/blue one and the end blue/green cirles with flowers in, isn't it the cutest! And I have never beeen a blue girl!!!!???? See I am really turning retro, fresh and clean and there's more to come....but they can wait for another day.

Finally little Coco's quilt is on the machine, snuck in between the customers quilts. I am putting Springtime on it, a cute pattern with daisies and butterflies.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to my firstborn.

Happy birthday to Rebecca who has turned 31 today....whoops, maybe yesterday as I view the time! Here she is at about 3.5 years old.....

And here she is one year ago wedding time with her DD Isabella.

Aren't they both beautiful...but then I am prejudiced!

Happy Birthday Bec.

Also Happy 21st to Sharon's DD Kayley, have a great party!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What is happening to me?

thwack thwack thwack....what is that sound you are wondering??? It's me hitting myself on the head...repeat I DO NOT NEED MORE FABRIC....I DO NOT NEED MORE FABRIC (maybe it will work knocking some sense into my head) but too what did I do ........walk into Ballarat Patchwork, just the place to buy the Kaffe Fassett fabrics that have been trying to seduce me!!!! AND my friend Sharon was with me AND let me do it!!!!.....shame on you Sharon it was your fault because you wanted me to go to your specialist appointment with you otherwise I wouldn't have walked into BP. Well I have to blame someone.....
OR maybe I should blame Adele. After all it was her quilt that started it when she brought it to me to quilt about 12 months ago.
The fabric started trying to seduce me but I was strong, I resisted.Until today....why??? Because once again Adele brought me a quilt to do..well it was her friend Leonie's quilt that she had helped her with. I have been quilting it and the colours so unlike me have been drawing me in with their vibrancy......

So here's what I ended up with, (so far) it's a pity the colours don't glow as much in the photo.

BTW this is the pattern I put on it, Folk Lily. Leonie opted for a stronger than usual contrast on the back, not my usual preference but customers choice!

It wasn't a complete disaster though as I did manage to get most of the words stitched for block 5 of Leanne's House in the car! It's nice when someone else does the driving and I can use the time constructively.

P.S. I almost forgot I may as well blame Kerry too as I saw her gorgeous Drunkards Path type quilt that is one of her new patterns...done in Kaffe Fassetts! (click here to see it)