Friday, April 25, 2008

Even more Dear Jane!!!!

How good have I been....I am now up to 35 blocks, 5 triangles, 1 corner kite and 798 pieces which means I have done 10 blocks in the past week or so.Now don't look too closely and just remember as Brenda says Finished is better than Perfect!!! (especially in my case lol)

My latest DJ blocks are:-

A-2 One two buckle my shoe

B-12 Starflower - this one I tried reverse applique on, I hadn't done it in ages!

E-1 Aunt Exie's Phlox- this one I had trouble fitting the applique on, I should have used Jane's freezer paper template method I think!

A-11 Pebbles Protest, tricky little block with the order of piecing ..hmm ... might have to work on this one a bit!

A-10 Which points west?

F-13 Tour de France


Marit said...

I think your Dear Jane blocks are beautiful! If you think they are not perfect, just think on that little thing as your signature that makes it special just made from you!

Rachelmp said...

Your Dear Jane blocks are great! I'm not brave enough to even give these a try. Good luck with them