Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What is happening to me?

thwack thwack thwack....what is that sound you are wondering??? It's me hitting myself on the head...repeat I DO NOT NEED MORE FABRIC....I DO NOT NEED MORE FABRIC (maybe it will work knocking some sense into my head) but too what did I do ........walk into Ballarat Patchwork, just the place to buy the Kaffe Fassett fabrics that have been trying to seduce me!!!! AND my friend Sharon was with me AND let me do it!!!!.....shame on you Sharon it was your fault because you wanted me to go to your specialist appointment with you otherwise I wouldn't have walked into BP. Well I have to blame someone.....
OR maybe I should blame Adele. After all it was her quilt that started it when she brought it to me to quilt about 12 months ago.
The fabric started trying to seduce me but I was strong, I resisted.Until today....why??? Because once again Adele brought me a quilt to do..well it was her friend Leonie's quilt that she had helped her with. I have been quilting it and the colours so unlike me have been drawing me in with their vibrancy......

So here's what I ended up with, (so far) it's a pity the colours don't glow as much in the photo.

BTW this is the pattern I put on it, Folk Lily. Leonie opted for a stronger than usual contrast on the back, not my usual preference but customers choice!

It wasn't a complete disaster though as I did manage to get most of the words stitched for block 5 of Leanne's House in the car! It's nice when someone else does the driving and I can use the time constructively.

P.S. I almost forgot I may as well blame Kerry too as I saw her gorgeous Drunkards Path type quilt that is one of her new patterns...done in Kaffe Fassetts! (click here to see it)


Lissa Jane said...

*rustle rustle rustle*

thats the sound of me sneaking up on you waiting for you to knock yourself with all that headbanging you been doing and I'll raid the stash while you are unconcious! LOL
Good to see you are sticking to your fabric diet about as good as me! LOL

lovely quilt, lovely stitching and gorgeous girls in next post!

see you in 42 sleeps!

Bernadette said...

LOL Lissa so if I wake up to find my fabric swiped I know whose stash to raid!!!
Thanks for the lovely comments. Can't wait for those 42 sleeps to go...Perth here we come!!!