Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gorgeous Girls

Aren't they just gorgeous.
This is the work from the first week of my three week class at

It's four gorgeous ballet bears by Rosemary McQueen (Teddyworks)

They are "nude" at the moment (and unfortunately I will miss out on next weeks class as we will be in Warrnambool for the three day racing carnival with our horse Menkaure
but they will have pink tutu's on over their bodies and will be finished with stitching. Rosemary also has a quilt pattern planned out with flowers to paint stitch and applique on in the borders, it should look adorable but they would be equally lovely framed.


Angie said...

I have just discovered your blog thru aubirdwoman. I have scrolled through the more current posts...and do the most beautiful machine quilting I think I have EVER seen! Just GORGEOUS work!!!

sMC said...

have to agree with you Angie. I am lucky enough to have one done by Bernadette...and she is such a lovely girl too :)) aubirdwoman

meggie said...

Hi, I am here from aubirdwoman too, & have enjoyed your blog immensely. Gorgeous daughter, beautiful granddaughter- arent they just wonderful, .. & you can give them back!
Absolutely in awe of your beautiful machine quilting! Wonderful.