Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Attack of the Rugrat!

On Saturday night I had the pleasure of my GD Isabellas company. What a good little girl she was, she is so funny.
How lovely it is to be a Nanna and not have ALL the responsibility of being the parent.
Tony and I picked her up from Bec and Brents house in Caroline Springs along with everything but the kitchen sink....even her own burnt CD of songs.......Maneater, Hips don't lie, I don't feel like dancing and Rock this party!!!!! So we had dancing (head bobbing and arms waving) all the way home.

We then put on the Wiggles as she especially loves "do the monkey" and sings the oohh oohh ahh ahh bit when I sing it to her. In the second photo she is "dancing" with Lukey watching warily nearby.

She had a lovely time patting Lukey our lilac burmese and he is even getting use to her squeals and lets her pat him now, he jumped up when I had her sitting next to me and stretched across both of us for a pat, she thought it was great.

The last photo she was making sure that Ted her constant companion is comfy and had a pillow! She loved playing cubbies under the quilt, maybe she likes that one as it has stars on it and she loves stars, especially twinkle twinkle little star.

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