Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The weather has been lovely for the most part, mind you we really need rain not so much of this nice sunny weather. The garden is starting to look good, the roses are starting to bud, I have about eight tulips in bud and the iris are starting to bud also. The magnolia is nearly finished but the weeping cherry and the grape hyacinths are flowering.

The past week in the workroom I have quilted Leanne's quilt which had a lovely navy cotton sateen backing, the pattern Springtime showed up lovely on it.

Next I quilted Kim's lovely star sampler with Feather Spray. It's such a pretty quilt I have added a photo to show the quilt and one to show the quilting.

And what have I been working on? Have I finished my pink and brown quilt you ask? NO

Have I finished my Bendigo siggie quilt? NO

Have I finished my Bendigo siggie Bento Box...NO but I have done some work on it. (see below, this is nearly the size of the quilt in the book, only a small wallhanging)

So what HAVE I been doing????
Yes you guessed it, started another project!!!!!
AND not just any old project........but Dear Jane no less!!!!!!!! Yes yes I can hear you all say I am mad and I agree, the queen of WIP's starting DJ..... http://www.dearjane.com/
Well I tell myself I only have to complete a block a week for 163 (?) weeks and maybe a triangle thrown in there somewhere.......anyway I have made two blocks, the block of the week from last

week and this week, B-8 is this weeks, Water Lily. I was pleased with the piecing but the needleturn was a bit wonky as I am very rusty. Last weeks was M-11 Rickshaw, no easy task for my first block, all those little diamonds!

and if thats not bad enough I also started Sylvias Bridal Sampler as in the Elm Creek Quilts. I have done Jacob's Ladder which I think was last weeks Block of the Week Challenge.


and then Miss Lissa Jane sent me this site just to totally confuse me!!!!!

http://www.sentimentalstitches.com/ this gorgeous sampler with 4" blocks that are on the website free, one a week, I would only need to catch up on the first 48.........


Sewing Up A Storm said...

You sound as bad as me..................surrounded by UFOs and starting yet another new project. Hey as long as you finsh something every once in awhile it is all good :)

Jane said...

Dare I say you are a glutton for punishment........Dear Jane!!
I guess it goes with the love of old things and your passion for perfection.

I am still to finish block one of Oriental Baltimore. I am actually having to sew at sit and sew again. I got by for a while there by playing hostess or reading or??
I actually finished a leaf and a half this week. My coach sits to my left. She is tough. But is also a saint who has prepared the blocks for me so she has worked out the link to my conscience which is a problem. Vbg.

Yvette said...

Hi! I just found your blog. I started my Dear Jane last week too. I am going to attempt to remake both of my blocks this weekend. UGH! Your blocks look perfect.