Saturday, September 15, 2007

This week........

This week I caught up with an old friend I had lost touch with so that was lovely. Then I found my old best friend who I had also lost touch with over the years, I googled her as you do!! Lucky enough she had won a National Teachers award for her work at an underprivilged pre-school she teaches at so it was easy to find her.

The Workroom
I have been busy this week, first with Denise's quilt. This quilt has lots of retro fabrics and took quite a while as the pattern I chose Paisley Swirls took quite some time to get across the row. I think it was Paisley Swirls or maybe it was Paisley Plus as I have both??? Anyway I chose orange for the front and a variegated King Tut (hieroglyphs) on the chocolate backing. The quilt does sit nice and flat I just didn't lay it out properly for the photo!!!

Next I have been working on Jackie's Pansy Park type quilt, its not THE quilt but a slightly different version. I have to try and make a dent in my custom quilting list! I am having a mental block at the moment with what to do on the pansy border and of course I made a boo-boo and did the freehand feather motif the wrong way around in one of the side setting triangles...DOH!!! Also I didn't like the colour thread in the tree border so some unpicking to be happening when I take it off to turn it...yuk.

Here is a photo with the offending pansy border.....thinking thinking. All suggestions duly considered!!!

What I have been working on this week.
1. The pink and brown from last week, not as much as I would have liked but it is half finished, well the blocks are I just have to join them.

2. I re-started working on my strip quilt (same as the intended voilet quilt)I have promised myself I won't start the voilet quilt until this one is finished and it's such a quick easy quilt that it really won't take me long. Yes it's in the same civil war/reproduction fabrics well mostly anyway, yes I am boring!!!

Danger danger..........
Things are calling me to tempt me away........
Here is why I end up with so many WIPS....oh no I think I am about to fall off the wagon.....

I saw a message from Julie from WA on the scquilters list through the week that she had finished her signature square quilt from Bendigo, I saw the photos, I was guilty I hadn't done anything so I pulled them out and started playing. I decided chinese lanterns would be just the thing....but I would have to make 132, too many, too time consuming so trying to keep it simple I have based it on Rosalie Quinlan's Rebekah Amy quilt. Very simple 4" squares with black frames, well a few different blacks and charcoals. So that left me with the offcuts which turned out to be just the right size(s) for Bento Box (Judy Turner Successful Scrap quilts)which I have had my eye on making for ages and today I went to the patchwork shop and got some much for the other two I can see them going away again for now!


Sewing Up A Storm said...

What I would do on that pansey border is to trace around the print and then do echo quilting around that. It is really pretty!

Vivian Love said...

I just came upon your blog. Your quilting is beautiful! Inspiring!