Thursday, September 06, 2007


This time last year this is what we were doing.........

Cocktails at Toucan Tango, views from our balcony down and across to the Reef View's pool and the gardens Holly and Craig were married in, the marina, sitting around the pool with the island bar, viewing Heart Reef from the helicopter and the happy hour sunset at One Tree Hill, yes we were in Hamilton Island for Holly and Craig's wedding....ah the memories! Only another year and we will be back on Hamilton then onto Daydream for Nick and Kylie's wedding...yippee, can't wait.

Now back to reality!

Tomorrow Junior (Menkaure) leaves to start his pre-training. He has been with us for the past four months having a nice rest and holiday(and costing a fortune in feed!)

So now he has to go and try and earn his keep. Here are some photos of him with his mates Mick and Cinnamon, he is finally starting to look like a horse. He has been a very slow maturer, I think he looks a lot like his father, Melbourne Cup winner Kingston Rule.

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