Sunday, February 25, 2007

DH's birthday was on Friday and what do you get them? Finally I had a brainstorm! He loves the series Deadwood which has been on Showtime on Austar but he didn't get to see them all so I got him the set of series one. When I was there what else did I see but his old favourite, Fawlty Towers so he got both of them as I couldn't decide on one or the other. He was thrilled. Phew another birthday over so I don't have to think of anymore gifts for him until Christmas!

Here are some photos of the beading I have done recently. First is the bracelet I made from one of the beading magazines, Creative Beading. It is from Anne's Glory Box and is also available as a kit although I used my own beads. It uses a mixture of glass and plastic as it would be too heavy with all glass. This one used a different technique, a beading needle and beading thread it took quite a while to make and is very full.

Next are the swarovski pearls. I made this set to wear to a wedding next Saturday. I thought it was a necklace and bracelet but it's more like a choker. I will decide through the week whether to do it again and add a bit more length. Apart from that I am very pleased with it, it looks great on.

Last but not least is my turquoise and silver bracelet. Made with turquoise nuggets and chips, bali silver spacers and bali silver scroll beads. I love turquoise and silver together and the scroll beads are gorgeous, pity you can't see the detail here.

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