Thursday, February 01, 2007

This is part 2 of the previous post, hopefully blogger will behave and let me post some more photos.

Now I am halfway through quilting my dresden plate and nine patch quilt, pictured before quilting in my October archives. I am afraid I am not computer literate enough to know how to link to it so you will have to find it yourselves if you are interested. I have completed the stitch in the ditch and have advanced halfway down the quilt then it had to come off to make way for Adele's quilts. I may start using the zippers I have had for a few years and that way I can take customers off at night and work on my quilts.....but then when do I find time to do my embroidery on Leannes House and others waiting to be done? * sigh*

Next is a shabby chic stack and slash. I am doing a class at the local patchwork shop for this technique as it's a great class for beginners and people who have seen my oriental stack and slash quilt have wanted to make one so I decided to use up some of these fabrics I keep buying to show a different look you can't see the borders but I put a scalloped edge on this quilt so it looks quite pretty. I quilted it with Jodi Beamish's Rhapsody.

Finished! One UFO I think I started this two - three years ago this was a pattern from Ballarat Patchwork. It's quite different to the original which was made with one of the Amy Butler fabric ranges.
I only had to finish one border, I had got sick of doing the pieced borders so put it away for a while which turned into some years. I found it in January put on the remaining border then quilted it with Jodi Beamish's Flora pantograph. I only need to bind it now so one more off the ufo list.

Pictured right is my broken dishes quilt. I had originally made a much larger quilt than this lap sized one but it is down at the local quilt shop so I decided to make another one to be here in it's absence. One of the girls from the Friday morning class at the patchwork shop also wanted to make one of these quilts so I helped her pick out some fabric to achieve the look of my original quilt then she added some from her stash and some she bought from other patchwork shops in her travels. We then made up the half square triangles and swapped some of them. It will be interesting to see hers made up. Same style of fabrics as lots of my other quilts these days, civil war, reproduction fabrics, antique flowers and similar vintage looking fabric. I then made a conscious effort not to place lights and darks (with difficulty) but to sew them together randomly to achieve a scrappy look as if it was put together from left over scraps of fabric as they would have done years ago. I quilted it with Baptist Fan pantograph from Lorien Quilting.

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koolkatquilting said...

I love this Baptist Fan pattern! Thanks for naming the pattern - I placed an order for the same pattern. I had another Baptist Fan patttern but it did not join up very well and this one looks great! It really suits the quilt you have put it on.