Thursday, February 01, 2007

Here it is Feb 2007 and I haven't posted until now. Slack aren't I!
A few quilts have been on the machine in the past month so I haven't been totally slack over the holidays.
My daughters wedding is on countdown approx eight weeks to go and I need to lose weight!!!!!!!! I have managed to lose 2kg over the past two weeks so hopefully that will keep going. It would be great if I could lose another 8 but anything is good. Another three and I am what I was at Hamilton Island so that would be ok. Then the dredded hunt for THE outfit begins again, I don't think I can outdo the last one, it was such a gorgeous colour.

Now for some work photos. First is Adele's quilt with Kerryn Emmerson's Baroque Hearts quilted on it. This is the first time I have used this panto although I have had it a couple of years I think. I was quite happy with how it turned out but I don't think it would be one for beginners.

Next is my sister Trudy's quilt. This quilt I started helping her with she picked out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. When I looked up the mags they were from 1998 so it was her first and only quilt. I helped her cut but she did the rest on her own. It turned out a bit more work than I thought as I had to redo the borders as they had too much fullness in them. It was good practise for me to try some hump and bump feathers.

Well it looks like blogger is playing up on me again and won't let me post anymore photos, maybe its these collages so I will have to post this one and then post another!

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