Saturday, March 27, 2010

Werribee Open Range Zoo

A few weeks ago it was Kalani Thomas' first birthday which he celebrated at the Werribee zoo.

Here he is below with his Dad on the bus that we saw all the animals on.

And below with his Mum my daughter Rebecca. His blonde hair is starting to grow and he still has the brightest blue eyes.

Here is Coco Daisy on the bus.
Isabella and Kalani with their Dad.

Here is Romi on the bus.

Isabella looking at the meerkats.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Autumn beauties

Princess Grace de Monaco is a beautiful rose and I think she is at full splendor in Autumn. I think she is a deeper brighter pink in Autumn than in Summer.
Queen Elizabeth looking pretty.

The gumnuts left from the flowering red gum.

St Cecelia, a David Austin rose. Slightly more blush pink than in Summer but it will fade to white.

Yellow buddleia with a mauve tinge, very vigorous and bushy.

I think the snowball bush is confused as it flowers in Spring?

Last but not least Michaelmas or Easter Daisy. I can't wait until my Tesselar's spring bulbs arrive, thanks Glenice for the heads up!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I have been doing my hexagons at night while I can before I really have to start getting into research, essays and research reports. I now have 28 done out of 104 so over a quarter of the way there.

After five years my red flowering gum has flowered! I have waited anxiously to see what colour it would be as they can be anywhere from cream through to red or anything in between. Although it may look red it is actually a bright orange so it was worth the long wait.

A cute little quilt I did for the upcoming local quilt show I won't show you the front yet this is the back.

This is Julie's grandmothers braid quilt I did last month.

Now it's off to do some more hexagons for me!!