Monday, April 27, 2009


Was freezing here! We (I) decided that it would be nice to go for a Sunday drive to Daylesford. Now I just happen to know that Daylesford has a nice wool shop or two and as it has turned to winter overnight I felt the knitting bug coming on. I also have had my eye on one of those Queen Anne's lace type crocheted scarves. We left Gordon at 11am and the car temperature read 6C. When we got to Daylesford it had reached 7C!! (and was still 6 in Gordon when we returned home)

Unfortunately the shop that use to carry all the specialty wools has stopped stocking them I think it has changed owners. However just down the road is Purls Palace. What a gorgeous shop it has a real mixture of bits and pieces including some Asian style fabrics and some lovely yarns. I was lucky to find another two balls of Noro Silk Garden for the scarf I had started last year, I couldn't resist the gorgeous colours and had purchased two balls last year at the Ballan quilt show.

They don't stock Noro Kureyon but have ordered some in for me, isn't that great service! In the meantime I couldn't resist three hanks of the beautiful Noro Iro. I did try starting the scarf with this but I have decided it's a bit too chunky so another scarf it will be. I love a nice warm scarf especially with beautiful specialty yarn!

I fell in love with a knitted jacket/cardigan and a beautiful shawl. I got the pattern for the cardigan it looked great on the model (don't know about me though) but have to wait for the shawl, I don't know whether I will ever use it but it is beautiful and I want to make one! I also want to put my name down for the Nuno felted scarf workshop in June....just loved it!

In the meantime Sylvester was on his perch next to my chair watching the wool with a glint in his eye.....

Mitts off mister!!!!


Lizzie said...

I love your 'Hot Chocolate' I will have to keep an eye out for that one. It was freezing wasn't it, we decided to go to the Nursery, must have been insane, picking up wet pot plants wasn't a whole lot of fun.
Hugs, Lizzie

Lissa Jane said...

oooh you have done a lot better than me with the scarf... mine is a tad dodgy. (just like me actually)

6C?? my fridge doesnt get that cold.. ok, it does, but not by much!


ozjane said...

Moggie Says "Go Sylvester" Be a true cat not just a puff ball........vbg.
Said real cat sitting on mohair crocheted circle rug on end of my bed watching the street in total comfort and waiting for me to come back.
My snowball bush has no color that I have noticed..maybe a walk is in order but I may be motivated to dress and mow lawns as my handyman is recovering from surgery and lawns are long ...and GREEN.
But the glory vine is wonderful.
I must try striking some of that also some Ophelia rose never quite sure when to strike roses but guess when you prune them.
I have given allmost all my wool away and I am not...I hope, going to get sucked back into knitting...
All those years on trains and knitting jumpers for boyfriends.....who dared to wear them after we broke up!!
Bit like the ex coming back and cuddling the cat.
I had to laugh at my reaction both dare they??
Out dammed spot and all that.

Anonymous said...