Monday, April 27, 2009

A small reprieve...

As the cold weather has hit I decided to make a run this morning to the small local supermarket for some lamb shanks destined for either lamb shank soup or braised lamb shanks in the slow cooker. The best laid plans and all that...of course they didn't have any so I had to revise my plans and have made my Nan's curried sausages which I hated when I was young and I got some lamb bbq chops to make braised chops in the slow cooker instead for tomorrow.

Snowball bush
When I returned home the sun had appeared. Although it didn't last long I thought I would quickly grab some photos of the garden before all the roses disappear completely. This is their last hurrah before winter hits.
Apple Blossom
Hot Chocolate

Princess Grace de Monaco

Princess Grace 2
Potato bush


Of course Saffron thought it was lovely that I was outside walking around the garden in the cold!