Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blogging good fun at Jodies.

I said I would tell you about the get together at Jodies...

I was invited along with some other local bloggers to Jodies for a day of.....sewing...talking....eating and fun! It was a fabulous day the girls were all great and Jodie is so very generous and THE BEST cook of shortcake and sausage rolls. I must get that recipe! She also has a project in the latest Patchwork and Stitching magazine, a gorgeous ballet bag which she gave me the pattern (and the left over fabric) for so I could make one for Isabella's 3rd birthday, thanks also to Kathryn for the bling button which was in her "shop".

We also helped ourselves to pieces of Jodie's felted jumpers stash to make our own snails....Kathryn's turned out much prettier than mine who still is blind, but aren't snails blind? They do look much cuter with eyes however. I am not saying anything about Annie's except that she must have large snails in her garden!!!! She was working on a beautiful red and white quilt, I just love it and now I am placing an order for some Kristen Doran Ladybugs fabrics. Kathryn made a gorgeous shabby purse for her glasses and Rachel stitched a beautiful redwork stitchery, she does the loveliest stitcheries. Kate made an appearance after lunch.
Jodie asked us to bring some bits and pieces we no longer wanted or needed so we also played "shops" and swapped bits...however I am sure I bought home a lot more than I went with!!

Thanks girls for the best day and a special thanks to Jodie for making it all happen.

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our shabby cottage said...

Hi Bernadette, I missed this post sonmewhere along the line and Annie told me you had made the ballet bag! It looks great - perfect for a princess! It was a great day, Kathryn. XX