Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dear Jane small update

I just realised I haven't updated DJ for a while. Not that I have done much BUT I did get that block done that I had been putting off....A9 Cabin Fever so all of Row A is complete. I WILL get around to sewing that row together...sometime soon! I have also updated my chart on the side of my blog and added in my tally. I am much happier with this one as I have copied my friend Julie whose blocks all look perfect and started to press them with the iron rather than finger press, I think it gives a better result.

Below is K-12 Doris's Dilemma.
Below is K-7 Rose of Sharing.

Next post I will tell you about our blogger get together at Jodie's but in the meantime pop over to Kathryn's and have a look at her posting and all her gorgeous shabby chic creations!


ladydi said...

The crafty girls day at Jodie's looks like a blast! From the photos I see that your intricate blocks are smaller than they look here - such patience you have.

our shabby cottage said...

It was great to meet you the other day Bernadette! I loved looking at your lovely quilt blocks and realising how much time and work is involved in your "Dear Jane" quilt. Over the last few days, after having been inspired at Jodie's, I have been thinking about doing a quilt - something simple to get me started though!
Kathryn. XX

Welcome to ... Lurline's Place said...

Wow - lots of patience, Bernadette - your blocks are lovely and really neat!
Hugs - Lurline.

Annie said...

Your blocks look great Bernadette - I must get on and start mine. I love the little side bar - maybe I'll start with that!!

Ivory Spring said...

Hello Bernadette,

Thank you for visiting me and the kind comment!

I enjoyed my visit on your blog -- lovely work you do. The quilting in your banner is simply breathtaking!!!
I am thoroughly impressed.