Tuesday, May 06, 2008

In the workroom the past week

Some nice quick edge to edge quilts done this past week, Julie's cute log cabin flannel quilt which I put Waterworld on.

And Jan's Spring Fling quilt, which has Springtime on it. I love that range of fabric!

Currently on the machine, Kaye's bear quilt which is a pattern from my friend Kerry, My Favourite Things.
SID done and Linedancing underway as requested by Kaye!


Jane said...

Ohh that line dancing is appealing.
Lovely work as usual.
The wedding quilt and I are still having a Mexican standoff. I undid my quilting. I do not ever recall undoing quilting before...the ultimate in patience. How do you do it?
I am doing a lovely big machine embroidery chrysanthum (sp?)with only 4 color changes for quite a large piece....it has just finished. Nice to do while I am at the computer and not having to share the computer chair with Moggie.

Lissa Jane said...

the quilting you have done is just perfect (as usual) and you are definately making some progress on DJ quilt...

who keeps picking up the DJ book, and putting it down LOL

Bernadette said...

Thanks girls, I looovvveee linedancing and my customers do too! A bit softer I think than crosshatching.

Rachelmp said...

Hi Bernadette. Thanks for the nice comments on my quilts! Are you in Ballarat too? Your quilting is just beautiful