Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back from Perth

What a wonderful time I had in Perth.
Thank you to everyone involved for making the retreat possible. Thanks also to all the scquilters I met or had a laugh or two with over the four or five days.
A special thank you to Lissa who organised the room and made WW, MA and I Lissa survival kits! Mine and Wendy's (Honeypot Quilting) was even made with bee and honeypot fabric, how organised is that!!

Thank you also to my retreat angel Nicole H.
Here are the last three gifts I received at the retreat. Some gorgeous beads quilters socks (which I had to take off to photograph) some lovely earrings and scissors which I forgot to photograph. Hope I remembered everything! Thanks again Nicole.

Thank you also to my mortal Rosemary for the lovely bag she made me. LOL we had some fun tricking her I think MA had her convinced in the end her mortal was Wendy which was my intention. You can have some good clues which could either be The Quilting B or Honeypot Quilting!


jane said...

Glad it was good.
Love that bag.

Lissa Jane said...

Glad I didn't talk you to death in Perth Bundy!!!
Hope we can be roomies again (already started saving the 'goldies')