Monday, June 25, 2007

Waiting waiting waiting........

On the baby front we are now five days overdue. I have a feeling if it's not tomorrow Tuesday 26th it will be Thursday 28th after all when Holly is induced.

However while I have been waiting in the workroom I have one more quilt out of the way, I haven't taken a photo yet but Lindas quilt is one more off the list and Sharon's is loaded ready to go.
I have also done some knitting although Holly doesn't want knits!!!!

I found a pattern for premmie babys and I knitted booties and beanie for 5-6lb baby. I have actually knitted two the first set was white and she has put them in the suitcase to wear in hospital. I have since knitted a green beanie and lemon booties.

I have also been working on my Honeybears flowers and bees quilt by Kerry Gillespie, My Favourite Things.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rebecca and Brents Wedding Professional Photos

Here are the professional photos of the wedding finally!

Rebecca and Brents Wedding Professional Photos

Rebecca and Brents Wedding

Baby week 40 and still counting........

Here is Holly at 39.6 weeks. Today is D day!

Yesterday we went to her last fetal monitoring at the hospital, which was good as usual. This has been happening for the last month as the baby is small. We then went to her doctors appointment. The babys head is fixed but no dilation as yet so Holly is booked to be induced Thursday, she will go in Wednesday night and start with the gel unless she goes before.

So far this week I have done Julie's quilt, I put Kaye's Rose on this one she has used pretty fabrics.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Kayes Angel Story quilt

Here's Kaye's Angel Story, all finished and delivered thankfully so now Holly can have that baby!!! Kaye wanted it quilted like the original in the book but as it had a few large areas unquilted I recommended some of the blocks be quilted so I choose some meanders rather than dense background fillers as it was more in line with what Kaye originally wanted and in the end I did all of them as those not done looked unfinished compared to the rest of the quilt. Luckily Kaye was thrilled with it.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The workroom has been fairly busy in between life getting in the way! I am trying to get up to date with things before the birth of the baby. I should be there now working on a gorgeous quilt, the Angel Story of Kaye's.

Nicholas and Kylie have jetted out this morning to lovely Daydream Island (half their luck!) to do a spot of wedding inspecting. They are up there for three nights and have an appointment with the wedding co-ordinator tomorrow so will make a final decision I think while they are there so it will be Daydream or Lorne I think maybe Aug-Sept 2008....phew a sigh of relief they are giving us a bit of recovery time after the previous two weddings within six months. Kylie is hoping Holly holds off.....

On the birth front Holly is still having what they call these days active pre-labour. Yesterday she said she was having to tidy and sort things out.....and said she had backache but didn't know if it was from vaccuming!!!! I had swept through the whole house the day before as she has polished boards everywhere except the bedrooms thinking it would save her a job and she went and did the vaccuming lol.

Brendas quilt for her daughter Emma. Emma chose Kaleidoscope which is one I often use on oriental quilts. She also had a variegated thread, a bit out there for me on the white but she liked it as it "toned the white down"

First is Susans round robin quilt. I put Popcorn on it as it think it goes well on "country" type quilts. Next is Lisa's oriental quilt which I put Clamflower on. Another favourite on oriental quilts. These last three have been almost kingsize, in fact I think Susans rr quilt was, she provided a cotton batting, just as well as I would have had to go up to the king size in Mathildas Own.

Hollys Quilt

A couple of times in the past month or two I have been to Holly and Craig's to find Holly on the couch with the babys quilt on her. "I thought you didn't like quilts?" Well I was cold she said and it was warm. So that got me thinking. I had quilted a couple of four patch quilts recently, a pattern from Ballarat Patchwork very simple and if I was going to make a quick quilt for her before she had the baby it would be perfect, after all I think Isabella had three quilts by this stage. I decided to make it with the colours in her house, white, red and beige through to chocolate. I used what geometric type patterns I could find in the colours with only a very few florals, mainly chosen for their colour combinations. I made it on Monday and managed to get it on the machine and quilt it between Wednesday and Thursday, I decided to do an all over freehand swirl. I even managed to use the left overs to make the backing and joined the bits to create the binding. I finished the binding at her house on Saturday and she seemed to like it and appreciate it. Hopefully it will help keep her warm if she has to get up in the night for feeds.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

38 weeks and counting!

Well here we are with only two weeks to go, maybe. I am starting to get restless but Holly seems to be coping quite well despite the baby dropping quite low and feeling lots of pressure and niggly aches and pains. Here are some photos of the expectant mum with her new hair colour, less high maintenance for after the baby.