Monday, June 25, 2007

Waiting waiting waiting........

On the baby front we are now five days overdue. I have a feeling if it's not tomorrow Tuesday 26th it will be Thursday 28th after all when Holly is induced.

However while I have been waiting in the workroom I have one more quilt out of the way, I haven't taken a photo yet but Lindas quilt is one more off the list and Sharon's is loaded ready to go.
I have also done some knitting although Holly doesn't want knits!!!!

I found a pattern for premmie babys and I knitted booties and beanie for 5-6lb baby. I have actually knitted two the first set was white and she has put them in the suitcase to wear in hospital. I have since knitted a green beanie and lemon booties.

I have also been working on my Honeybears flowers and bees quilt by Kerry Gillespie, My Favourite Things.

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