Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hollys Quilt

A couple of times in the past month or two I have been to Holly and Craig's to find Holly on the couch with the babys quilt on her. "I thought you didn't like quilts?" Well I was cold she said and it was warm. So that got me thinking. I had quilted a couple of four patch quilts recently, a pattern from Ballarat Patchwork very simple and if I was going to make a quick quilt for her before she had the baby it would be perfect, after all I think Isabella had three quilts by this stage. I decided to make it with the colours in her house, white, red and beige through to chocolate. I used what geometric type patterns I could find in the colours with only a very few florals, mainly chosen for their colour combinations. I made it on Monday and managed to get it on the machine and quilt it between Wednesday and Thursday, I decided to do an all over freehand swirl. I even managed to use the left overs to make the backing and joined the bits to create the binding. I finished the binding at her house on Saturday and she seemed to like it and appreciate it. Hopefully it will help keep her warm if she has to get up in the night for feeds.

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