Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The workroom has been fairly busy in between life getting in the way! I am trying to get up to date with things before the birth of the baby. I should be there now working on a gorgeous quilt, the Angel Story of Kaye's.

Nicholas and Kylie have jetted out this morning to lovely Daydream Island (half their luck!) to do a spot of wedding inspecting. They are up there for three nights and have an appointment with the wedding co-ordinator tomorrow so will make a final decision I think while they are there so it will be Daydream or Lorne I think maybe Aug-Sept 2008....phew a sigh of relief they are giving us a bit of recovery time after the previous two weddings within six months. Kylie is hoping Holly holds off.....

On the birth front Holly is still having what they call these days active pre-labour. Yesterday she said she was having to tidy and sort things out.....and said she had backache but didn't know if it was from vaccuming!!!! I had swept through the whole house the day before as she has polished boards everywhere except the bedrooms thinking it would save her a job and she went and did the vaccuming lol.

Brendas quilt for her daughter Emma. Emma chose Kaleidoscope which is one I often use on oriental quilts. She also had a variegated thread, a bit out there for me on the white but she liked it as it "toned the white down"

First is Susans round robin quilt. I put Popcorn on it as it think it goes well on "country" type quilts. Next is Lisa's oriental quilt which I put Clamflower on. Another favourite on oriental quilts. These last three have been almost kingsize, in fact I think Susans rr quilt was, she provided a cotton batting, just as well as I would have had to go up to the king size in Mathildas Own.

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