Thursday, November 01, 2007

Last Weeks Blocks and Triangle

Well I didn't get a lot done last week, I was out a couple of nights and over the weekend so not much time and unfortunately it will be the same this week. Below is my block chart, at least it looks like I am getting somewhere on that!

First is TR-2 Australian Pines TOW last week.

Next is last weeks BOW F-1 Big Top, too bad I forgot the mirror image thing but I am not that worried! The BOW for Sylvias Bridal Sampler was G-7 Sarah's Favourite.

Projects in waiting!!!

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Waterfall Manor quilts said...

Well well book arrived this morning,just as i was checking everywhere the courier could have dropped it and there she was strolling down the street,our delightful irish post lady..couldnt have timed it I just have to find the freezer paper and read the book..will have to start a diamond challenge I think..up for it Princess Bernie??1 block a week I recon??