Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dear Jane update

Well I am on the verge of my first DJ milestone, only one more block and I am a silver jane!

My current numbers are 24-5-1-647 which for non dear janers means 24 blocks, 5 triangles, 1 corner kite and 647 pieces. This weeks BOW is B-11 Melissas Cross which I have already done so I might get the chance to catch up on the TOW I missed the other week which was RS-9 Danish Delight.

The first one is the BOW for the week before last, I-13 Sweet Harmony, next is last weeks BOW I-6 Maze of Madness, this one really lived up to it's name trying to get the pieces all in the correct order, another with LOTS of pieces, 47 in it and needs some minor correcting in one corner. I am starting to think I should photograph these blocks rather than scan them as they look better from ten paces or in real life !!

Last weeks TOW BR-11 Tartan this ones looks great with a fabric from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum range. The next block is B-9 Tinker Toy, very easy but Y intersections for those that don't like them.

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Lissa Jane said...

I can't beleive you are making Dear Jane.. I can't beleive I had to buy the book and think I might have to make it as well.. LOL @ Lissa cause I bought this book years ago, and all the templates and then sold the lot on ebay cause it was 'too hard'.. now I bought the book again, and thinking how lovely it would look in 30's and redwork.. thats if I get started!